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Watching This Guy Turn Himself Into Creepy Statues Will Give You Nightmares

Being a horror junkie, I have come across all kinds of terrifying photos and videos.

Though many of them have certainly creeped me out, most haven’t actually gotten under my skin and haunted my dreams. That’s because they weren’t even half as unsettling as this freaky performance.

In his work entitled, “Transfiguration,” French artist Olivier de Sagazan sculpts his face into monstrous statues that look like they came straight out of the “Silent Hill” games. When you see it for yourself, I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say that I definitely wasn’t expecting to come away this disturbed.

The sounds make it so much worse.

Well, I’ll be lucky if I get any sleep after seeing that. Anyone have a night-light I can borrow?

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These Explorers Found A Makeshift Prison…Complete With An Electric Chair

Urban exploration isn’t a hobby without risks. Those who choose to explore the unknown can expect to encounter a variety of strange situations. Very rarely, however, do they come across homemade electric chairs in the abandoned places they explore.

In the middle of the desert, urban explorer Adamthewoo came across what looked like your average abandoned building. But strangely enough, it was surrounded by barbed wire on all sides. He went in for a closer look, which is when he made the bizarre discovery.

(source: Adamthewoo)

Well, that doesn’t look safe at all. Part of me really wants to know what exactly went on out there, but I know that whatever it was, I probably wouldn’t like it.

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Just When You Thought Taxidermy Couldn’t Get Any Creepier, This Happens

Taxidermy as it functions today mostly falls into the hobbyist realm, and very few professionals out there make a living with this bizarre art form. Back in its heyday, however, experimentalists went wild and let their imaginations run free.

They liked to take things a step further, and they created some seriously weird stuff in the process. Just take this dancing fox, for example. It looks just as crazy as it sounds.

Talk about nightmare fuel.

(source: Eccentric Antiquities)

Everything about this video is creeping me out. I respect taxidermists, but I think the person responsible for this thing went a little too far.

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This Pet Owner Should Be In Jail…How Did This Even Happen In The First Place?

When it comes time to pick out a pet, there’s a reason why cats and dogs are the obvious choices. After all, they’ve been domesticated to live in relative harmony with humans. Taking in exotic animals, on the other hand, can be a disastrous (and often illegal) experience.

Just ask this guy in the video below. Somehow, this fool managed to get a wild lynx as a pet. Instead of trying to calm the creature down, however, he decided to antagonize it.

Some people just shouldn’t have animals.

I’m not ashamed to say that I really hope this guy got bitten by the lynx after the camera stopped rolling. Seriously, who does stuff like this? The title of the video says it all, really.

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This Is Exactly What You Expect When You Explore An Abandoned Funeral Home

In case you haven’t noticed, urban exploring has become a pretty popular pastime recently. We’ve featured quite a few creepy urban exploration stories, everything from old mental asylums to recently abandoned shopping malls slated for the wrecking ball. However, we’ve never featured an exploration of a derelict funeral home before.

Brace yourselves, it’s exactly as creepy as you might think.

Last year a group of urban explorers headed up by YouTuber Matt Glasscock discovered an abandoned funeral home near Birmingham, Alabama.

So, of course they had to go explore it. Much of what was inside is what you’d expect from an abandoned building. Except here, there were plenty of leftover coffins to give the place an extra-creepy vibe.

Except, not all of the coffins were empty. In case you’re having trouble seeing, this coffin actually contains some sort of remains.

Luckily, that was the only body these guys encountered here.

You can check out the full video from their exploration below.

(source Matt Glasscock)

What I want to know is how a body ended up getting left behind at the funeral home after they shut down? That just seems like a lawsuit waiting to happen. Hopefully, whatever or whomever those bones belong to doesn’t decide to haunt these explorers for disturbing their sleep.

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This Is A Real Fish From The Deep Ocean…And It’s Made Of Pure Nightmares

Despite knowing more about the ocean depths than we’ve ever known before, it’s still safe to say that there are many untold horrors lurking there, miles beneath the surface. Of the few we know about, they would best be described as alien creatures.

The deep-sea hatchetfish certainly meets that standard.

These freaky-looking creatures are found in the temperate waters of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans.

Beyond their generally creepy appearance, these buggers have also evolved bioluminosity to help them catch food in the dark depths of the ocean.

We don’t encounter them much at the ocean’s surface. They spend most of their time at depths of anywhere from 160 feet to almost a mile down.

Getty Images

The shape of their body is where they get the name hatchetfish from.

While they share a name, deep-sea hatchetfish are not related to their much less creepy counterparts found in fresh bodies of water around the world.

Ugh, that has got to be literally the creepiest fish in the world. I guess the only saving grace of drowning in the ocean is that I’ll be long dead before my body reaches the depths that these fish call home.

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