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Top 5 Hot Dogs in the US

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Is your favored hotdog on this list of the 5 finest in the US?

Ellen Gave This School In Detroit A Surprise That Will Change People’s Lives

Like many places in Detroit, Spain Elementary School is broken down and neglected. The school’s roof is falling apart, the gym isn’t functional because of an unsafe floor, and the institution — which is full of talented performers — doesn’t have enough money in its budget to hire even one music teacher.

Ellen DeGeneres was disheartened when she heard about this, so with the help of Lowe’s — and one surprise guest — she decided to give the school one heck of an assembly. Isn’t that De-GENEROUS?

That seems like a ton of money, but given the recent investigation into the potential black mold that is making students and faculty sick, Spain is going to need a lot more than that to give these kids the safe, productive learning environment they deserve.

To donate to Ellen’s Spain Elementary School GoFundMe campaign, click here. If you want to help out the Detroit public school system, check this out.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/spain-elementary/

IMAO_: 1987’s “Robocop” was “pretty optimistic” about Detroit’s future


They just don’t make dystopian futures like they used to.


Totally optimistic. At least the fictional Detroit had kick-ass gun wielding cyborgs.







‘Bankrupt’ chronicles the downfall of Detroit