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These Meteorologists Have Two Completely Different Takes On Hurricane Matthew

With Hurricane Matthew just hours away from landfall in the U.S., the now Category 3 storm is expected to make its way up the coast of Florida and into the Carolinas soon.

Traveling at speeds of over 120 miles per hour, Matthew is expected to be the most powerful storm to hit the Atlantic coast in almost a decade. After officials declared states of emergency in their respective states, mandatory evacuations followed. Some headstrong Florida and South Carolina residents, however, are refusing to believe that they may have to leave their homes to survive.

The death toll from Matthew in Haiti is already well into the hundreds and one man has already been killed Stateside. With the eye of the storm less than 100 miles away from Jacksonville, Florida, it can’t be stressed enough that by refusing to evacuate during mandatory advisories, you are putting the lives of you and your loved ones in danger.

Fox News meteorologist Shep Smith suffered a bit of an on-air meltdown while trying to urge those refusing to evacuate to change their minds.

Major new outlets quickly picked up on Smith’s bizarre rant.

Although that particular anchor may have crossed the line, senior hurricane specialist Bryan Norcross from the Weather Channel agrees that evacuation is absolutely necessary. He’s just more worried about your safety than Smith is about getting to a wedding.

I know it’s a stressful time right now for the residents of Florida and the Carolinas, but please listen to your government officials and evacuate if you haven’t already done so. You can always replace material items, but you can’t replace a life.

For more information about evacuation procedures, check out this ABC report.

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If There Were A Nuclear Attack In The 1970s, This Is What Would Have Been Broadcast

You might say that the 1960s were when Cold War tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union reached their peak, but that doesn’t mean that the 1970s were any picnic. The people of both nations lived under the constant threat of all-out nuclear war.

To prepare for this possibility in the U.S., radio stations in different cities were instructed to create official attack warnings. These recordings were to be broadcast to the population in the event of a nuclear strike on American soil. While these messages are ominous, they still have a friendly flavor to them since they were recorded by radio hosts.

In the video below you can hear the attack warning message recorded by Jim O’Brien for Philadelphia’s WFIL in the early 1970s…

It really makes you think about how many announcements they have these days…there’s gotta be at least one for a zombie apocalypse, right?

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Watch As Mother Nature Proves She’s Stronger Than Any Man-Made Structure

With new buildings being constructed every day all across the globe, Mother Nature is slowly dying thanks to urbanization.

The towering apartment building below was in need of serious repairs, so when city officials got wind of some pretty gusty weather coming their way, they feared that the structure might collapse. They had the building evacuated, and it’s a good thing they did.

As you can see below, Mother Nature is determined to prove that she won’t go down without a fight. The day after the evacuation, strong winds sent the apartment building tumbling to the ground. Luckily, no one was injured in the windy demolition.

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Videos like this have taught me that you should always be kind to Mother Nature. She has quite the wicked temper.

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