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People Say That They’re Finding Worms In Their Tea Bags…But Lipton Isn’t So Sure

Lipton Tea is involved in a huge scandal right now that was caused by a YouTube video. A woman claims that she spotted strange worms in several tea bags. After she filmed herself opening a bag of tea and picking through the worms, the video quickly went viral.

Representatives from Lipton have denied this claim that their tea bags are riddled with worms by saying that the “worms” are actually lemon flavoring. Check out the video below and decide for yourself.

Here’s the original video:

And this is Lipton’s response:

According to Snopes, Lipton is correct in their claim that the worms are just flavor additives. When submerged in hot water, the objects in question instantly dissolve. Real worms wouldn’t do that. As a tea enthusiast, I appreciate this woman’s vigilance either way.

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With A Few Simple Steps, You Can Make A Glue Sun Catcher With Your Kids In A Flash

Next time you’re sitting at home with your kids looking for something to do, think of this DIY video! The super-quick art project just requires some glue, a plastic container lid, food coloring, a paintbrush, and a ribbon.

In just minutes, your kids can make adorably easy and awesomely groovy sun catchers. Check it out below.

Your kids will love that they can each have their own unique piece. Our suggestion? Put this project in your back pocket for a rainy day when you can’t send the kids outside to play. It’s the perfect distraction!

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With Fancy Machines Available, People Forget All You Need To Make Coffee Is This

Espresso machines have a knack for breaking, fancy coffee makers often have too many buttons, and visiting a cafe to get your morning Joe can quickly put a huge dent in your wallet…

But thankfully, you can forget about all of that nonsense! All you really need to make a strong cup of caffeine is a coffee cup, a filter, hot water, grounds…and a strainer.

Yes, a strainer. It’s ridiculously simple, friends. Just watch:

It’s basically like having one of those fancy pour-over contraptions, but without the ridiculous price tag! Now…where’s my strainer?

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You Don’t Need Eggs, Milk, Or Bowls To Make This Chocolate Cake — Seriously

When I think of making a chocolatey dessert, I imagine a huge production with tons of characters — namely ingredients and lots of kitchen appliances.

But time and time again, I’ve been wrong.

You can make desserts in mugs and microwaves. Now you can even make cakes without eggs or milk! And you only need one container — your baking dish!

It’s no wonder it’s called a chocolate crazy cake — this is insane.

I’m going to come out and say what we’re all thinking…I’m making one and not sharing with anybody!

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You May Be Surprised When You Realize Just What Dogs Are Able To Eat

Anytime we bust out some “people food,” our pups know to lay it on thick. Their sad, begging eyes hypnotize us into submission as we drop a few harmless crumbs to the ground.

But are they really safe for our furry friends to devour?

As you know, there are plenty of things that are not only bad for our dogs, but could also be fatal for them. Chocolate is one, but pay attention to this video…what you learn in the next minute could save lives.

Did you learn something new about your dog’s diet? If so, share this video so all your pet owner friends can become informed, too!

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Learn The Easiest Way To Seal A Bag Without A Chip Clip — Who Knew?!

Unless you plan on eating every bag of chips you open in one sitting, resealing your snack is paramount if you plan on enjoying fresh chips down the road. Then again, if you’ve run out of bag clips or simply don’t own any, this can be a tall ask. Do you risk your chips going stale? What if bugs crawl in the bag and start having a feast of their own?

Fear not! There is a way to seal your chips without a clip. Check out how to do it below.

That looks insanely simple. I’m never buying a bag clip again! What a waste of money! The question is, what am I going to do with the millions I’ll save by not buying bag clips?

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This Is What Happens When You Have The Dog Take A Family Photo

Humans love taking pictures of their dogs.

Facebook and Instagram wouldn’t be the same without adorable pups cheesing it up for the camera. But what would happen if our four-legged friends were the ones behind the camera for a change? What would a family photo taken by a dog look like?

That’s what this video entitled “PhoDOGrapher” aims to find out with the help of a toy poodle named Otome, a border collie named Selene, and a miniature dachshund named Falcon — and with the help of their families too, of course!

Those dogs are better photographers than me. I can only imagine the happy memories those portraits will provide to the families involved.

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Making Dessert Doesn’t Have To Mean Hours In A Kitchen. Here Are 20 Pieces Of Proof!

If only every meal began with dessert, the world would be a much better place.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth like I do, then you know that dessert is where it’s at. It’s hard to say which is my one true weakness when faced with cookies, brownies, cakes, and pies. However, as much as I enjoy a good dessert, there aren’t too many occasions where one is served with a meal cooked in my home.

In most cases, with all the extensive prep for the main course, there is little to no time left to whip up an elaborate dessert. But not all delicious sweets require as much work as the main event. Here are 20 quick and easy recipes.

1. These no-bake Oreo bars will give traditional brownies a run for their money.

2. Sushi isn’t just a main course anymore! Check out these candy sushi desserts.

3. This simple Nutella soufflé only requires two ingredients.

4. Celebrate your next birthday with these birthday cake croissants.

5. Forget the eggs and butter, this cookie dough recipe is 100 percent vegan.

6. Chocolate chip cookie balls breathe new life into this dessert classic.

7. Transform those extra cake mixes in your pantry into these awesome cookies.

8. This recipe combines my two favorite things: cookies and brittle.

9. Cheesecake-stuffed strawberries are a delectable summer treat.

10. Why go to the store to buy Lemonheads, when you can make your own?

11. This Oreo mug cake can be ready in five minutes or less.

12. Always have chocolate mousse on hand with this easy recipe.

13. Candy cane truffles will add a simple eloquence to your holiday parties.

14. Cool off with a refreshing mini cheesecake parfait.

15. Who knew you could fry milk and transform it into this awesome dessert?

16. Combine PB&J with banana bread and you get this epic treat.

17. Making crepes has never been easier.

18. Whoever makes this salted caramel ice cream cake for me will win the key to my heart.

19. These pecan pie muffins go from kitchen to table in less than 30 minutes.

20. Pumpkin butter pecan gingersnap rolls are the perfect treat for a chilly October day.

(via BuzzFeed)

Instead of what’s for dinner tonight, I’ll start asking what’s for dessert!

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It’s Apple Picking Season, So Here Are 22 Of The Greatest Recipes To Try

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty excited that fall is almost here.

The changing leaf colors, wearing hoodies on chilly nights, and yes, pumpkin spice, are all things that I’m really looking forward to. But there’s another awesome perk about the cool season — and that’s apple picking.

Not only is the fruit a healthy treat on its own, but it serves as the perfect ingredient for desserts, especially in the deliciously sweet recipes below.

1. Get ready to drool over this amazing apple fritter bread.

2. Fries are even tastier when they’re made from apples.

3. This yummy apple cider is the perfect way to keep warm on chilly fall nights.

4. I need these apple pie cinnamon rolls in my belly right now.

5. Who needs jam when you can have homemade apple butter on your toast?

6. These cinnamon apple chips will keep your snacking healthy(ish).

7. Slow-cooked applesauce with cinnamon sticks? Yes, please!

8. This apple pecan spice cake with cream cheese frosting is enough to make me give up my diet forever.

9. The best kinds of muffins are made with apples.

10. I don’t think I’d be able to stop myself from eating all these apple oatmeal cookies in one sitting.

11. There is nothing about this caramel apple French toast casserole that doesn’t scream deliciousness.

12. This apple pomegranate crisp with ice cream is completely to die for.

13. These apple crisp bars make cheesecake even more mouthwatering.

14. Croissants only get better when you bake apples inside them.

15. Make your dessert pretty with these easy apple roses.

16. These appledoodles give a delectable twist to classic snickerdoodles.

17. Good thing swimsuit season is over, because this caramel apple cobbler is irresistible.

18. Good luck trying not to eat the whole sheet of this scrumptious caramel apple cake.

19. Not only is this apple tea healthy, but it tastes and smells amazing.

20. How adorable are these lattice crust baked apples?

21. Apple and gouda grilled cheese is basically lunch and dessert in one.

22. This honeycrisp apple sangria is the only cocktail you’ll want this fall.

Well, I’d better get going. If I want to make all these amazing recipes before fall is over, I need to start picking apples right now.

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Instead Of Putting This Dough In A Baking Dish, They Did Something So Much Better

You know what’s great? Pie. You know what’s even better? A dessert that’s like pie but easier to eat.

If the sugary lovechild of pie and french fries sounds like something you’d like to stuff in your face, then this is the recipe for you. The folks over at TipBuzz blended up apple pie filling, smeared it on some dough, and single-handedly made up for the sins of mankind with a treat that’s about to change your outlook on life.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 2 premade pie crusts
  • 1 can of apple pie filling
  • 1/4 cup of sugar
  • 1 teaspoon of cinnamon
  • 1/4 teaspoon of nutmeg

(Will to live is optional. If you do not have that on hand, it should return by the time these are done.)

1. Blend the pie filling in your food processor until it’s smooth. Spread that on one pie crust, and then place the other crust on top.

2. Cut that nonsense up into little sticks.

3. Lay them out on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.

4. Mix the sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Sprinkle that mixture over the apple pie fries. Find a new sense of purpose in life. Bake at 350 degrees for 15 to 20 minutes.

I appreciate the element of surprise, so check out the full process and the glorious end result in this video.

(via TipBuzz)

We might hear more bad news every day, but just remember this: We share a planet with apple pie fries. Everything is going to be okay.

For more recipes and hacks, visit TipBuzz’s website.

Now, if you’ll excuse me…

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