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These Guys Slept In An Abandoned Cathedral And It’s Just As Creepy As You’d Expect

My idea of a good Halloween celebration is dressing up and going to parties or watching scary movies all night.

However, some people aren’t as easily satisfied when it comes to the spooky holiday, like the YouTubers Bros Of Decay. These guys love urban exploration and aren’t afraid to stay in seriously creepy buildings.

That said, it makes sense that they’d choose an abandoned cathedral to sleep in for All Hallows’ Eve. They definitely weren’t disappointed with their experience.

Of course, things got extra dark and creepy as soon as they stepped foot inside.

When they reached the cathedral room, they were greeted with this beautifully eerie sight.

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The structures were stunning, if not a little unsettling in the lack of light.

The place would be the perfect setting for a haunting.

The cameraman wanted to check out the old organ, so he bravely broke away from the group and climbed these old stairs.

The view of the cathedral room was even more unnerving from upstairs.

The keyboard was dirty and likely out of commission.

But the organ pipes were pristine and looked like they were just waiting to be played.

After taking another set of stairs farther up, he finally reached the area that housed the church bells.

Besides resembling a scene from a horror movie, everything in the room was covered in bird poop.

He even found this creepy covered hole that opened to the ceiling of the cathedral room.

When it was time to pick where they should sleep, they walked down this dark hallway in the residential area of the building.

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They quickly discovered that it was really dangerous when one of them almost stepped through the floor.

The group also found this door, which revealed another hidden door behind it through the hole. Who else is dying to know what’s in that room?

Surprisingly, they all got a good night’s sleep. But the next morning, they found more creepiness when they came across this well in the courtyard.

If you want to see their entire experience for yourself, check out the video below.

I have to admit that looks like it would be fun with a bunch of people, but could you imagine being there alone? Me neither.

You can find more of the group’s brave urban explorations on their YouTube channel. I know I’ll be watching them.

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When You’re Paddle Boarding, The Last Thing You Want Is This Unexpected Visitor

Orca whales are very curious creatures. They often, especially the young ones, like to get dangerously close to humans who are in boats or out for a swim. Or as in the video below, they sometimes like to approach paddle boarders.

It’s likely that when they get too close, they just want to say hello, but the experience can still be harrowing — they are called killer whales, after all. Luckily, this paddle boarder had his GoPro running during the encounter so we can relive the terror with him firsthand.

I don’t know about him, but if that had happened to me, I would have been thanking my lucky stars rather than laughing and smiling. Yikes!

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He Was Alone Inside An Abandoned Hospital When He Heard These Terrifying Noises

Though I like to pretend that I’m a brave person, even the slightest sound can freak me out at night.

I’m usually aware that it’s probably just the house settling or my pets moving around, but sometimes even knowing what it is that you’re hearing can still be freaky — especially when no one else is around. That’s why you couldn’t pay me to do what this guy did.

YouTuber Chris Kernaghan must have been looking for a few scares, because he decided to venture into an abandoned hospital late one night. But what he heard next is just chilling, because he was supposed to be all by himself.

If I was him, I would have booked it out of there the first time I heard something. Then again, I wouldn’t be caught dead in a place like that at night.

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This Halloween Decoration Was Pulled From Stores Because It Goes Way Too Far

Putting up scary decorations is an awesome way to set the mood for Halloween.

When I went trick-or-treating as a kid, I loved how much my neighborhood was committed to creating a spooky atmosphere. But while my neighbors used headstones and skeletons in their yards, one company thinks that it’s a good idea to make people believe they have possible intruders outside of their homes.

The last thing you want to see at night is a sinister stranger pressing their hands up to your window and looking inside. That’s why Scary Peepers were pulled from Home Depot stores in Canada.

Scary Peepers are Halloween props that can be attached to windows with suction cups, creating the illusion of a creepy voyeur checking you out.

Because they look so realistic in the dark, concerned parents in Canada have complained that it’s not funny to scare people into thinking that they’re about to become victims of a serious crime.

Though Home Depot agreed and pulled all of the offending products from its Canada stores and website, you can actually still buy them on its U.S. site. But before you start planning on freaking out everyone you know, just imagine how terrifying it would be to see this when you’re home alone at night.

If you’re still sold on these Halloween props, you can find the above model on the Scary Peeper website, alongside even creepier versions — some of which actually tap the window.

(via Daily Dot)

I’m pretty sure that I’d have a heart attack if my friends or family pulled this on me — that’s why I always keep my blinds closed at night. Would you buy these decorations?

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17 Of The Weirdest, Inexplicable Toys Ever Sold In Japan

It’s no secret that there are some very strange and creepy toys out there.

But while some look like innocent mistakes that companies may have overlooked during production, others are just plain bizarre and simply cannot be explained.

The following Japanese toys are perfect examples of this, because whoever created them has a seriously weird sense of what fun really is.

1. I’d really rather not, thanks.

2. What’s more fun than a roadkill cat?

3. This is supposedly a piggy bank, but that mouth sure is creepy.

4. This figurine was found in a Japanese toy store.

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5. This robotic cockroach is the perfect way to freak out everyone you know.

6. Nothing says having a good time like playing Russian roulette with the kids.

7. This strange toy allows you to poke inside a box to play with digital characters.

YouTube / twrarmitage

8. Who doesn’t love playing with a barfing cat?

9. The H-bouya toy is designed to plug into your USB port, and its eyes turn red and blink every time the “h” button is pressed on your keyboard. The disturbing part about this is that the “h” in the name may also mean “erotic” in Japanese.

10. The Sega robot cat responds to touch and engages in real-life cat behavior. Some of them even talk, like the creepy feline below.

11. Yes, Japan has turned Obama into an action figure.

12. This God Jesus robot acts as a Magic 8-Ball and answers all your questions while holding a cross.

13. Why eat edamame beans when you can play with them on a key chain?

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14. This is an inflatable swan that you apparently wear on your crotch. Oh, and it honks when squeezed.

15. We’ve clearly been potty-training our little ones all wrong in the U.S.

16. When you hurl the Lokuloku pig toy at a hard surface, it turns into a puddle of goo and then amazingly bounces back to its original shape.

YouTube / gwblackwell

17. This would be really adorable, if not for the super-unsettling tag attached.

(via Oddee)

Well, that was definitely interesting, to say the least. Would you buy any of these odd toys?

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This Shark Broke Into A Cage…With A Diver Still INSIDE

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — I’m terrified of the ocean.

Of course, sharks play a big role in that fear. While I understand that they aren’t as bad as people paint them to be, there’s no way I’d ever go swimming anywhere near them. I just can’t risk something like this happening.

During a recent shark cage diving trip in Guadalupe Island in Mexico, things went very, very wrong for diver Ming Chan. As he was watching great white sharks that were swimming just outside of his cage, one of them lunged at the bait tied there and broke in.

While the man who filmed all of this says that the shark was likely just confused and couldn’t swim backwards, that doesn’t make this any less horrifying.

Luckily, Chan is a very experienced dive instructor and reacted quickly by swimming to the outside of the cage’s bottom as this happened.

He is completely unharmed and says that this experience has definitely not scared him away from future diving trips. He is a much braver person than I will ever be.

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This Creepy AF ’90s Clown Character Is Still Terrifying Today

When I think back on my childhood, there are characters I will never forget.

Whether it’s Big Bird and Elmo from “Sesame Street” or Steve and Blue from “Blue’s Clues,” there are some amazing television characters that have shaped my life. They’re part of the reason I still love television today.

However, there are also plenty of characters I don’t remember or never got to see. In the United Kingdom, for example, Mr. Blobby was on a late-night variety show that pranked celebrities. Even though he’s not an actual children’s character, the show told people he was, and now he has a cult following in the U.S.

Watch as Mr. Blobby thoroughly disturbs the contestants on this game show. Beyond his creepy clown looks, his voice is insane.

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Yikes. I think I’ll stick with fuzzy monsters who teach me how to count to ten. Not that there aren’t plenty of creepy kids’ characters from the States…

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This Tribe Digs Up Its Dead And Gives Them Makeovers Before Living With Them

Every culture has their own sacred death rituals, but some are far more frightening than others.

Take the Torajan people, for example. On the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, dead bodies are seen very differently than they are in the States. Corpses aren’t actually considered to be dead until a water buffalo is sacrificed to accompany them into the afterlife. It takes years for some families to be able to afford the expensive ceremony, so many keep their loved ones inside their homes until they can.

But even after their deceased relatives are properly buried, some families decide to keep their memory alive by digging the bodies up in a bizarre celebration.

The residents of Toraja proudly display the dead as part of their Ma’nene ritual.

Every year, the villagers dig up their late family members in order to honor them.

The decaying bodies don’t spook them at all — they prefer to see them so they can mourn.

They carefully clean their ancestors to preserve their dignity.

Then the corpses are actually groomed and dressed up.

And the families even pose with them for photos as if they were still alive.

Though they are undeniably creepy, some of the bodies have pleasant looks on their faces like they approve of the ritual.

But others are just terrifying.

These people see all of this as a beautiful process, but it’s more than a little disturbing.

Would you ever consider going to a celebration like this? Me neither. I’m all for expressing your culture, but this is way, way too morbid for me.

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Reborn Dolls Are Seriously Getting Out Of Control…Now They Can Breathe

Dolls haven’t always been associated with all that is creepy in the world. (We have Hollywood and pop culture to thank for that.)

Still though, maybe they were onto something…at least when it comes to the hyperrealistic kind of dolls, casually referred to as reborn dolls. These little suckers are, well, let’s just say you wouldn’t want to be locked in a room with them after dark.

The reborn toys are just like regular dolls, except they’re made by speciality artists with the goal of having them resemble a human infant as closely as possible.

While that might be creepy enough in and of itself, some doll makers have used technology to make their dolls even more realistic, as you can see in the video below.

Collectors of reborn dolls vary from grieving parents trying to recreate a child that was lost, all the way to regular doll and toy collectors.

The jury is still out on whether these dolls actually help with the grieving process for parents who lost a child.

Because they look so real, every summer you hear stories of people who have left their reborn dolls out in their cars, which then causes passersby to call the police.

(via Reddit)

Personally, I find these kinds of hyperrealistic dolls to be disturbing. However, I acknowledge that they do help people deal with their grief and even though they might creep me out, that’s no reason to condemn them.

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If You’re Still Looking For A Halloween Costume, This Just Might Work For You

I’m a big fan of quick Halloween costumes because yes, I’m a super-lazy person.

However, it can be hard to pull something together fast without it looking really cheap. Plus, it’s way more fun to create your own creepy getup than just buying a generic one at the store. That’s why I’m totally loving this gruesome makeup job.

If you’re in the market for a creative yet completely freaky costume, you have to check out this woman’s easy tutorial on how to give your face the appearance of being unzipped.

Who knew cotton could look so much like bloody flesh?

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Now have fun freaking literally everyone you come across on Halloween night! Just don’t be surprised if they all run away. (I know I would.)

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