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Want To Make Your Tights Last Longer? Try This Simple Trick

For most women, buying tights means worrying about dealing with runs in the fabric the second they swipe their credit cards. It’s not a question of if they’ll be ruined, but when. But today, we’re here to show you that there’s a sneaky trick that you can use to make them last way longer!

All you’ll need to give your tights a little staying power is a resealable bag, some water, and a freezer.

It’s always good to protect your investments, no matter how small they are. Next time you buy a pair of tights, you won’t need to worry one bit!

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How to Pack for a Week in Paris – Travel Channel

Just what to put on before exploring the 'City of Light.'

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How to Travel the World With One Backpack – Travel Channel

It's possible to take a trip the world utilizing just one knapsack with these ideas.

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How to Pack for the Beach – Travel Channel

Load like a pro with these clever tips and also techniques.

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He Intentionally Sprayed His Shirt With Bleach, But The Result? So Cool

I’ve been known to grab a Sharpie and design a “custom” shirt from time to time, but the ink always fades after the first wash. This guy’s simple idea is far better and it’s permanent!

The solution is bleach. While most of us try to keep our colored clothing away from bleach, YouTuber NightHawkInLight uses it to create custom designs. All you need to get started is a roll of freezer paper, bleach, an iron, a shirt, and, of course, an awesome design!

Check it out in the video below! The rocket pattern is definitely my favorite.

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That’s the kind of life hack I can actually use! Excuse me while I go spice up my wardrobe.

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The Clothes She’s Wearing Are Special. When You Realize Why, Your Heart Will Melt.

Many of us take simple things in our lives for granted…

Walking around, brushing our teeth, putting our clothes on in the morning. It’s things like these that some people aren’t able to do on their own. Whether they have a genetic disease, a mental disorder, or a physical handicap, it can be a constant struggle to fit in with the world around them.

But one fashion designer is trying to change that.

Mindy Sheier and everyone at Runway of Dreams are doing incredible things. If you’d like to learn more about their awesome work, you can check out their website here.

Work it, girl!

These Homeless People NEVER Saw It Coming When This Prankster Showed Up. Just Watch.

OmarGoshTV is a YouTube channel run by one man who enjoys making light-hearted prankster videos, but in the video below there are no jokes. Just awesome kindness and an amazing show of human compassion and love. Watch as the YouTube prankster drops the jokes and heads to the streets to hand out new shoes and socks to the homeless, even going so far as to literally give a man the shirt off his back!

What an awesome video and it’s fantastic to see someone being such a great role model to his son. Really brought a tear to my eye. Source: OmarGoshTV Share this heart-warming video with your friends and family below.