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This Is What ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Becomes After Going Through Google Translate

Google Translate is a wonderful tool when you want to translate entire websites or when you’re stumped on a foreign word you really should know but for some reason can’t remember. But how does it handle song lyrics?

Singer and YouTuber Malinda Kathleen Reese decided to put it to the test when she took the lyrics to Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” and passed them through several different language translations before ultimately translating them back to English. The result is pretty hilarious.

This is a perfect example of why I truly love the Internet. What a time to be alive!

All goofiness aside, she has a really good voice.

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Elephant Breaks A Sprinkler And Does Exactly What You’d Expect An Elephant To Do!

When an elephant named Faa Sai accidentally broke a sprinkler that was watering the grass at her home in Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, she decided to make the most of the situation with an impromptu bath.

According to staff at the reserve, this is the second time Faa Sai has ‘accidentally’ broken a sprinkler. Personally, I have an inkling that she knows exactly what she’s doing!

That was completely hysterical. At one point, it looked like she was using that sprinkler as her own personal bidet.

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This Abandoned Dog Had Completely Given Up On Life — Until The Police Arrived

When Powder was found abandoned in the middle of the Florida Everglades he appeared to have completely given up on life.

The poor dog’s body was shutting down and he could barely move a muscle.

Luckily for Powder, he wouldn’t need to live another day in the harsh Everglades. Help was at hand when a kind couple found him and called the sheriff’s office for help. The deputies that responded to the call were determined to help the poor pooch and once they managed to earn his trust, they got him safely into a car.

Powder was then taken to Dezzy’s Second Chance Animal Rescue who got him the urgent medical attention he needed.

This poor dog has a long road to recovery ahead of him, including surgery on both of his eyes. If you want to help then please consider donating to Dezzy’s Second Chance.

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92-Year-Old Woman Has Served Food And Inspiration To Generations Of Students

Ninety-two-year-old Angelina Narcisse has been serving food and inspiration for an incredible 62 years at the University of Louisiana in Lafayette. The sweet woman with a heart of gold is everyone’s favorite lunch lady and with good reason. Narcisse never went to school herself, so she can neither read nor write, but she’s a professor when it comes to dishing out sage words of wisdom to her students.

The great-great-great-grandmother raised 10 children, but thousands more have come to know her as “ma” over the decades.

This just goes to show that kindness goes a long way towards inspiring others to become the best versions of themselves.

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Wild Dog With Its Head Stuck In A Plastic Jar Receives A Helping Hand

Stray dogs raised on the streets or in the wild quickly learn how to fend for themselves. That often means digging through trash to find even the tiniest scraps of food, and burrowing into piles of garbage for shelter. That desperation to survive can sometimes lead to tragedy.

The good people at Animal Aid Unlimited got a call about a wild dog living next to a trash-filled river that had been spotted with its head stuck in a plastic jar. It took a bit of searching, but eventually, they found the pup walking in the woods. The poor thing was barely able to breathe.

Watching the dog run free at the end put the biggest smile on my face! Due to the extreme number of stray dogs, Animal Aid Unlimited can only bring animals in the most desperate need of help back to their center, which is why they had to let this pup go after rescuing it.

If you’d like to support them, please visit their site and donate! They do truly wonderful work.

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A Pair Of Cute Dogs Show Off Their Pitch-Perfect Music Skills

We’ve seen plenty of piano-playing dogs before, but most of the time they aren’t exactly musically talented. In the video below, however, we get to see a duo of fluff balls tickling the ivories…and boy are they good. Every time their owner plays a note, the dogs hit the exact same note. This is no small feat — most people have to study for years to master this skill.

We all knew dogs had incredible hearing, but this is something else!

I’d love to have these two play me a song with their pitch-perfect piano skills.

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Animal Rescuers Find 5 Puppies Left To Die In The Freezing Cold

For many, especially animal lovers, the prospect of abandoning pets by the side of a road is unimaginable and cruel.

Yet hundreds of helpless animals find themselves on the street without any food or water every day. They often go days without eating before they’re found, and some are never found at all. Luckily, the five puppies in the video below were rescued by incredible people from the Michigan Humane Society (MHS).

After receiving a call about a plastic container on the side of the road, the MHS went to investigate. Inside they found five tiny puppies that were presumably left there to die. Rescuers quickly took them back to their facility for treatment.

Just wait until you see how they’re doing today!

It breaks my heart to think about the number of animals that find themselves in similar situations each year.

Luckily, this story has a happy ending. One of these pups has been adopted and the other four are in foster care awaiting forever homes!

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Parkinson’s Sufferer Shows The Incredible Effect Marijuana Has On His Tremors

Ian Frizell, 55, was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s disease back in 2011, but he’s seen his symptoms gradually worsen over the years. At first, Frizell was given prescription medication to combat the tremors, but after feeling horrible on the medication, he decided to see if cannabis would provide any relief.

In the short video, he shows what a massive difference just a small dose of medicinal marijuana can have on his tremors. It’s truly incredible.

Frizell made this video to promote awareness to the benefits of using medical marijuana to treat illnesses and to support the drug’s legalization within the U.K. He’s calling for members of parliament to back its legal use for treating medical conditions such as his.

Whatever your political beliefs are about the drug, it’s hard to deny just how effective it seems to be for some who suffer every single day.

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Cheetah And Dog Best Buddies Experience Their First Snow Day Together

Back in October, cheetah cub Kumbali was in need of a friend after being separated from his mother. That’s when a yellow labrador named Kago came to his rescue and the pair became unlikely pals.

Months later, Kumbali is doing very well and lives at the Metro Richmond Zoo in Virginia where his best friend works as a companion to other animals. During the recent heavy snow brought by Winter Storm Jonas, the zoo closed down and the best friends got to play around in the fresh powder together. Their reaction to the white fluff is beyond adorable.

Funny to see how the cheetah isn’t nearly as fast in the snow, giving his pooch friend the upper hand paw.

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Police Dogs Give An Emotional ‘Bark Of Honor’ For A Fallen K9 Lost In The Line Of Duty

Killed in the line of duty while pursuing a double homicide suspect, Las Vegas Metro K9 Nicky was given a hero’s send-off and an emotional ‘bark of honor’ by his canine friends.

The eight-year-old Belgian Malinois had worked with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department for six years and survived a brutal stabbing just two months earlier before being shot during a deadly standoff with the armed murderer.

In a touching tribute to their fallen comrade, a dozen other K9 units barked their goodbyes at the conclusion of Nicky’s funeral service.

What a touching tribute to a fallen friend. To see the other K9 teams paired up like that, in honor of Nicky, really tugs at the heartstrings.

Thank you for your service, Nicky

Watch the rest of Nicky’s emotional memorial service:

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