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This Whole Area Was A Regular Beach…Until A Wave Engulfed Everything

A “sneaker wave” is not, as you might think, a swell of K-Swiss shoes. It’s actually characterized as a random wave that’s hugely disproportionate to the rest of the wave train. One second, it seems like a calm day at the beach, but before you know it, you’re in a Kelly Slater surf video.

And that’s exactly what happened to Steve Raplee and some other bystanders on a beach in Oregon. He thought he was filming a quiet moment at Coos Bay, but seconds later, he was telling everyone to run for cover.

That escalated quickly! Everyone made it to dry land before the surf could crush them, despite the hilarious lack of urgency in Raplee’s voice. Seriously, this guy is about to get eaten alive by the elements, but he sounds like he’s reading a piece on NPR.

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When Waves Crash Upon This Boardwalk, Something Absolutely Magical Happens

Traveling to the Adriatic Sea and walking along its beautiful waters is already a majestic experience on its own. The blissful scenery makes for a perfect stroll. However, of all the coasts you can enjoy the view from, we suggest this one in Zadar, Croatia, where you’ll be in for an even more magical treat.

A series of small holes and tubes in the boardwalk create a gorgeous melody with each ebb and flow of the waves. It’s a truly unique tourist experience.

It’s amazing how you’ll never hear the same tune twice. All the more reason to visit more than once!

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Explore 5 Fun Florida Beaches – Travel Channel

Take a peek at the 5 most popular beaches in the Sunlight State from Travel Channel.

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Dreams Las Mareas – Liberia, Costa Rica | Sunwing.ca

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Michael Voltaggio Prepares a Wazwan-Influenced Dinner in Kashmir

Paying homage to Kashmir’s Wazwan feasts, Michael Voltaggio prepares a special meal inspired by his experiences for the group dinner in Srinagar, Kashmir. Along with journalist and co-host Mariana van Zeller, Voltaggio hosts a dinner for guests representing all sides of the conflict in Kashmir: Pro-India, Pro-Independence and Pro-Pakistan. “Breaking Borders” Kashmir, with Mariana van Zeller, premieres Sunday, April 19 at 9:00pm ET/PT on Travel Channel.

BIZARRE FOODS: Andrew Zimmern visits restaurant in Guatemala that honors 21 unique Maya cultures

GUATEMALA: PIG PARTS IN PARADISE – Premieres Monday, September 28 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT
Andrew Zimmern heads to Guatemala, where ancient flavors are still popular today. With Guatemalan celebrity chef Mirciny Moliviatis as his guide, Zimmern explores the most unique and culturally important foods in this Central American country that boasts 21 unique Maya cultures. In the city of Antigua, Zimmern visits a restaurant that honors these culinary roots in a variety of stunning dishes, including pepián, a spicy pumpkin seed and chile sauce that is considered the national dish of Guatemala. From bull testicle ceviche at the local market to a Sunday family dinner with wild opossum as the main course, Zimmern tastes the rich heritage in every bite.

“Andrew Zimmern Sees Where Fungus Grows in Paris on BIZARRE FOODS”

Andrew Zimmern goes to one of the culinary capitals of the world: Paris, France. In a city famous for putting its unique stamp on culinary history, classic Parisian foods are making a comeback. A new attitude is reinvigorating French foods with the use of innovative techniques and artisanal ingredients. While here, Zimmern feasts on mushrooms harvested in underground caves, brines ham that is so good, it’s regularly delivered to the presidential palace and learns the dying art of aging artisanal French cheese.

Rev Runs Around the World in Dubai

Justine wants to buy, but Rev thinks Dubai is all about extremes. "Rev Runs Around the World" Dubai: Rev Goes to Extremes airs Wed., Dec. 23 at 10|9c only on Travel Channel.