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This Baby Elephant Absolutely Refuses To Cross A Big, Scary Stream

At birth, elephant calves can weigh more than 200 pounds.

Because of that, you’d think that such a big baby would be raring to go — eager to take on the world with all its obstacles, weird sounds, and unexpected friends…but when it comes to this little guy, it’s quite the opposite.

When this group of tourists came across an elephant herd, the tiny tyke in the bunch was pretty apprehensive when they reached a small stream. Next to the big baby, the body of water looks more like a puddle, but that doesn’t stop the cutie from being entirely terrified of traversing it.

This little guy definitely reminds me of someone…

Eventually the cutie made it across and ran off into the sunset!

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This Guy’s Best Friend Is A Baby Kangaroo And Everything Is Good In The World

I’m sure we’ve all been jealous of how cute our friends’ pets are at some point.

Every time I hang out with my sister and she brings her tiny puppy along, I squeal with happiness and secretly plot to steal him for myself. Okay, I’m not actually planning on running away with my sister’s dog, but there is one baby animal that I’m extremely tempted to take.

YouTuber Jackson O’Doherty has a very unique (and completely adorable) companion named Damien who loves to hop around and follow him everywhere. When you see all of the awesome adventures that they share together, you’ll wish she was your best friend, too.

You might want to sit so you don’t collapse from this cuteness overload.

I’ll just say what’s on everyone’s mind right now:

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When You See Who Is Walking With This Dog, You’ll Squeal!

Raccoons are pretty sneaky rascals. And despite what you might think about the ones you’ve caught rooting through your garbage, they’re pretty darn cute.

Case in point: Pumpkin the raccoon.

Then again, if you need further proof, look no further than this adorable duo. When this precious pup was out for his regular afternoon stroll, he was accompanied by an unexpected new friend.

Aaannndd I’M IN LOVE.

I know you shouldn’t touch wild animals but every bone in my body wants to yell, “CAN WE KEEP HIM, DAD??”

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These Wild Piglets Are So Full Of Joy, You Won’t Want To Look Away.

Only four weeks-old at the San Diego Zoo, and already these little piglets are almost too much to handle. (Too much adorableness, at least.) From dancing with mama, to devouring lettuce for the first time, they absolutely love life.

Just watching them is going to make your day infinitely better. They’re that happy.

(H/T: Thrillist)

These sweet Visayan warty piglets are just the ball of energy you need to lighten your day. Be sure to share this video with your friends using the buttons below to help lighten theirs too.

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This Little Koala Joey Is Pretty Much The Cutest Thing To Grace This Green Earth

Okay, people — if you love ridiculously cute animals as much as I do, you’re going to want to check this out.

Some of you may remember our tiny koala friend Imogen from her first photo shoot. Well, you’re in for a huge treat because she has become the star of yet another adorable home video from Symbio Wildlife Park. As you watch, you’ll see that her photogenic nature has only grown, and it will most likely make you squeal with happiness.

Get ready for a huge cuteness overload.

I wish I could snuggle with her!

Can anyone tell me where the nearest koala adoption center is? I really need one of these cuties in my life.

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