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This Baby Elephant Absolutely Refuses To Cross A Big, Scary Stream

At birth, elephant calves can weigh more than 200 pounds.

Because of that, you’d think that such a big baby would be raring to go — eager to take on the world with all its obstacles, weird sounds, and unexpected friends…but when it comes to this little guy, it’s quite the opposite.

When this group of tourists came across an elephant herd, the tiny tyke in the bunch was pretty apprehensive when they reached a small stream. Next to the big baby, the body of water looks more like a puddle, but that doesn’t stop the cutie from being entirely terrified of traversing it.

This little guy definitely reminds me of someone…

Eventually the cutie made it across and ran off into the sunset!

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This SWAT Deputy Has Dealt With Many Scary Situations Before…But Nothing Like This

With everything that’s been going on in the country lately, Texas SWAT Deputy Mark Diebold had started to doubt himself as a police officer. One morning, he decided to pray to God to send him a sign that he should continue on his chosen career path. Hours later, Diebold got a sign unlike any other.

While out on patrol, the deputy pulled over a large black car only to discover that the man driving was speeding in order to get his very pregnant wife to the hospital. Having faced plenty of scary situations in the past, Diebold says what happens next left him feeling more terrified than ever. Right there in the parking lot of a gas station, the brave deputy was called upon to help deliver a healthy baby girl into the world.

Helping strangers in such an incredible way lifted Diebold’s spirits. Carry on with the good work, officer!

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This Adorable Farm In Japan Must Be The Happiest Place On Earth, Judging By The Photos

Some might argue that there are few things cuter than a litter of tiny kittens. Others could contend that a playful mini pony is one of those very things.

Ask us to choose who wins and we’ll be here for a while deliberating. But here’s one way to settle this intense debate…put the two together!

Well, this farm in Saku City, Japan, did just that. If you’re still undecided about if this is, in fact, the cutest thing ever, just watch for yourself…this video is all the proof we need, at least.

This pony is either loving the attention or is just too tired to get up — either way, this is TOO MUCH.

Oh, hey random capybara. This little dude is probably just jealous of all the kitten cuddles going on.

Look at that grin.

Watch the entire fury cuddle session here.

(via BuzzFeed)

If you’d like to catch more adorable farmhouse shenanigans, just visit their YouTube page here.

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These Women Are Setting Up For The Most Disturbing Birth You’ll Ever Witness

Reborn doll shows are among the strangest things I’ve ever seen.

I’ve only gotten as close as watching videos of them, but even that is more than enough for me. It goes without saying that the dolls themselves are creepy, but there’s something incredibly unsettling about how the attendees refer to them as if they are real-life babies. You have to wonder if those people are a little crazy and actually believe it.

But crazy doesn’t even begin to cover what happened at this doll show. I thought these events couldn’t get more disturbing, but I was very, very wrong.

Get ready to witness some seriously strange behavior, folks. It’s not going to be pretty.

The way they touch it and talk to it is so creepy.

Not only is that really unnecessary, but now you’ve turned me off of dolls altogether. Sorry, future child — none for you. We just can’t risk this happening.

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This Veteran Mom Just Discovered The Best Way To Avoid A Messy Baby!

Being a mom can be a messy job.

Between cooking, feeding, and playing with the children, a mom’s work is never done! For both well-experienced and new mothers, perhaps the most daunting and outright dirtiest part of the job is the infamous changing of the diaper.

Changing a diaper is hard enough, but it can be even more frustrating when the baby is wearing a onesie. One experienced mom just discovered the best-kept secret to saving a baby from what she calls the “Poo-Nami.”

Check out this mom’s awesome diaper-changing tip below!

You go, mom! I wish changing my clothes were that easy!

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Their Newborn Had Colic, So These Parents Resorted To Something Crazy

When the parents of a premature baby didn’t know how to stop her from constantly crying throughout the night, they decided to get professional help.

They took her to Ian Rossborough, a chiropractor who works on children and newborns in Melbourne, Australia. He believed that her colic was caused by a misalignment in her spine, but his solution to the four-day-old’s problem is pretty questionable and may even be dangerous.

This might be difficult to watch.

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Some parents swear that getting their children’s spines readjusted helps cure a variety of problems, including colic, fever, asthma, and ear infections.

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If You Told Me A Commercial Could Make Me Cry, I Wouldn’t Have Believed You. Until Now… Wow

Today’s modern technology has the power to do amazing things. In an instant, we can have a black town car show up at our house, video chat with a friend half way around the world, and even fly a remote controlled plane into a different country. But what it can’t do, and the one thing we always forget, is love. Especially the real life kind between a parent and child. So if you’ve ever used an iPad to calm down a screaming child in a restaurant, check out this video below. It just might make your life a little better. Like the song says, “All we need is love.” đŸ™‚

(H/T: Elite Daily) Hopefully you heard the message loud and clear. Please consider sharing with your tech-driven friends below to help spread the message.

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Everyone Thought It Was A Gender Reveal Party, But They Got A Crazy Surprise Instead

Desiree Fortin and her husband were given plenty of bad news while they tried to become pregnant. It wasn’t until a lucky round of IVF that they finally got some of the good variety. They were pregnant with not one…not two…but three babies!

When it came time for their gender reveal party, they had shared with everyone that they were pregnant with twins. Watch as they unveil the genders of their babies…the third little secret they had up their sleeve had everyone in shock!

What an awesome surprise to drop at the party! These triplets are going to be born into such a loving family.

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These Tiny Babies Get Hilariously Jealous Of One Another When This Happens

Sibling rivalries start early. Just ask these two hilarious kiddos!

When the brother gets fed, watch out for what his baby sister does. Oh, and when she gets fed? Look at what her brother does. Basically, what I’m trying to tell you is that these two are a little confused about the fact that their mom only has so many hands and can’t feed them both at once.

They’d better get it together, because they have a few long, long years ahead if they don’t.

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They Were Nervous To Bring Their New Baby Home To Meet The Dog, Then They Saw This

Bringing home their two-day-old daughter, these brand-new parents were excited. They were finally going to introduce their baby to the other member of the family, a Chihuahua named Milo. But along with that excitement, there was a bit of hesitation.

They didn’t know how Milo would react to a new sister. Would he be gentle? Or would he go crazy with jealousy? As it turned out, it was an absolutely adorable combination of the two! Just watch…

Something tells us these two are going to be fast friends. At least until Milo gets woken up at 4 a.m. for feeding time.