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Watching This Guy Turn Himself Into Creepy Statues Will Give You Nightmares

Being a horror junkie, I have come across all kinds of terrifying photos and videos.

Though many of them have certainly creeped me out, most haven’t actually gotten under my skin and haunted my dreams. That’s because they weren’t even half as unsettling as this freaky performance.

In his work entitled, “Transfiguration,” French artist Olivier de Sagazan sculpts his face into monstrous statues that look like they came straight out of the “Silent Hill” games. When you see it for yourself, I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say that I definitely wasn’t expecting to come away this disturbed.

The sounds make it so much worse.

Well, I’ll be lucky if I get any sleep after seeing that. Anyone have a night-light I can borrow?

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/terrifying-transfiguration/

At First, You Would Have No Idea Why This Girl Has Thousands Of Chopsticks. Then Step Back…

Hong Yi started out as a simple artist with a YouTube channel. Hong Yi, known as Red to most, likes to paint. However, she doesn’t like to paint with a paintbrush. Instead, Red finds different ways to create her beautiful artwork. In one of her first paintings, she used a basketball to create the image. Now, she is using something else to create an incredible portrait (for someone you’ll recognize).

This is Hong Yi, known as “Red.”

Red is both an artist and an architect.

Jackie Chan’s art director contacted her, hoping to commission her to make something for Jackie’s 60th birthday.

She decided to make a portrait…

But it was unlike any you have ever seen before.

It was made entirely out of chopsticks.

Jackie had always been supportive of her work.

He saw her other portraits using unique mediums, like socks or coffee rings, and was entranced.

So, Red was hired to create his 60th birthday portrait.

She spent a month collecting 64,000 chopsticks, in Zhejiang and in Beijing

She tied the chopsticks into different bundle sizes with strings. Then, she hung them all from a steel frame.

Red presented the finished portrait at his birthday concert, in front of 10,000. And to think, she just started out with a YouTube channel, posting her work.

“It wasn’t easy to choose the material for Jackie’s piece. He is a world famous actor, an exceptional martial arts fighter, an environmentalist, and one of the most well-known faces internationally! I finally decided on chopsticks because Jackie had used them in some of the fighting scenes in his movies the Fearless Hyena and Karate Kid, and because chopsticks are Chinese. As he is also an environmentalist, I used disposable bamboo chopsticks to show that discarded materials can be reused and made into something meaningful and beautiful. This art installation is a tribute to the life, art and cultural significance of Jackie Chan.” -Red Source: Oh I See Red!

The final result of her labors is art, but the Red’s true artwork is how she creates her pieces. She is truly a creative genius, share her unique methods by clicking the button below.

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When This Artist Turns Off The Lights In His Studio, His Paintings Don’t Disappear

When the light goes out, your paintings on the wall go right along with it.

That could have a little something to do with why museums spend lots of money and even more time perfecting the lighting that shines over their exhibits. But what if those works could be seen in the dead of night?

This is a concept that artist Patrik Munchenberger explores in his paintings that completely transform in the dark and under UV light. Watch what happens to the paint in these pieces when each photosensitive work is given new life under those conditions.

“O mundo” in natural light.

“O mundo” in UV light.

“O mundo” in the dark.

“Aesthetic of Enthusiasm” in natural light.

“Aesthetic of Enthusiasm” in UV light.

“Aesthetic of Enthusiasm” in the dark.

“Die Freude ist ungebrochen” in natural light.

“Die Freude ist ungebrochen” in UV light.

“Die Freude ist ungebrochen” in the dark.

“Don’t wanna play this game anymore” in natural light.

“Don’t wanna play this game anymore” in UV light.

“Don’t wanna play this game anymore” in the dark.

“Untitled Trees” in natural light.

“Untitled Trees” in UV light.

“Untitled Trees” in the dark.

“Chapada” in natural light.

“Chapada” in UV light.

“Chapada” in the dark.

For more insight into his process, check out the videos below.

If you’d like to learn more about this artist, check out his website and his profile on Do nxt.

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What This Artist Does Turns Invisible Aggression Into Something We Can See

A Dutch boxer by the name of Bart van Polanen Petel forces two worlds to collide every time his fist meets the punching bag.

Otherwise known as Paintboxer, this creator brings artistry and athleticism together in a way that’s utterly singular. “Fists are my tools for creation,” he writes, but he doesn’t mean that in some abstract, heady way. He means it in a way that’s at once literal and totally unexpected.

Paintboxer brings canvases to life by covering his gloves with paint. He adds depth and dimension with every strike, calculated or otherwise.

His work is what happens when Jackson Pollock, Jaison Cianelli, and Muhammad Ali stand against the ropes together.

And he does not hesitate to identify the inherent aggression of his process.

“If life is ultimately a Darwinian struggle for survival,” he explained to Lost at E Minor, “then boxing at least has the virtue of being open about it. Inspired by its primal nature, I pay tribute. Instead of crushing bones and shattering teeth, I use my fists to create.” Fittingly, he refers to his style as “pugilistic expressionism.”

“What remains,” he continues, “is an echo of the beast within.”

In this artist’s case, the process is as telling as the outcome.

He explored those methods further with the creation of “Project Phosphorescence.”

Bart van Polanen Petel’s work occupies the space between movement and stasis — anger and release. It’s the visual product of invisible aggression.

To learn more about this artist, be sure to visit his website. For regular updates, follow him on Twitter.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/boxing-art/

13-Year-Old Opera Singer Stuns Hundreds Of People With Her Breathtaking Voice

When 13-year-old Laura Bretan took the stage of “America’s Got Talent,” the judges didn’t expect much from the tiny bundle of nerves. But she was about to unleash a talent so breathtaking, everyone in the audition theater was rendered speechless.

Young Bretan is an opera singer, and a phenomenal one at that. Her audition was so mind-blowing that the judges did something they hardly ever do (and hadn’t done this season)…they hit the golden buzzer, sending her straight through to the live semi-finals!

She is off-the-charts good! What a voice for someone so young and small.

Remember Laura Bretan since I’m sure she’ll soon be a household name.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/young-opera-singer/

Watch As This Girl Turned A Random Foot Scribble Into Stunning Art. Mary Doodles FTW!

Mary Doodles takes her YouTube pseudonym VERY seriously. The artist, whose real name is Mary Gutfleisch, regularly accepts challenges from her viewers to see what she can create out of nothing but a few odd scribbles. In this video, she was challenged to change up her already unusual doodle process and start from the bottom: using her foot to create the original lines. The video follows as she transforms the unimpressive marks into something seriously beautiful. I’m in awe.

(H/T: NY Daily News.) Meanwhile, I can’t even get a stick figure to look right. Check out more of her videos on YouTube and be sure to share with friends using the link below!

This Art Is… Awesomely Strange. It May Just Give You Nightmares.

Let’s face it. Creative people can be real weirdos sometimes (and that’s what makes them so awesome). Typically, I try not to question other people’s creativity, but it’s impossible to look at these pictures and not say “Why?” Perhaps that’s the point of the “chinface,” which is exactly what it sounds like. This is the kind of art that seems to only exist to weird people out.

Well, mission accomplished. Take a look at some of the stranger chin faces! Good luck sleeping tonight. You’ll need it.

Oh great, I’ll never sleep again.

The braces just make it worse.


Get out of my dreams.

I’m having a hard time understanding what he is doing with his cheeks.

Everything about this one is bad.

Upside down tongue will haunt my dreams.

Photoshop almost makes this all worse.

He is the king of creepy, that’s for sure.

Yep, this is the worst.

Don’t mind me, just giving you nightmares.



Wait, where’d that nose come from?!

LOL, but.. no.

Your pigtails are horrifying.

This is exactly how I feel.

No. You’re not cool. You’re scary.



(via Full Punch)

If you thought those were creepy, watch this chinface in action below.

Yikes! I don’t know how I’ll ever look at people in the face again. I’ve never been so inspired to make direct eye contact with people… otherwise I’d be staring at their chin!

I Thought There Was Something Strange About These Photos. But Then I Took A Closer Look And… Wow.

20 year old artist Heather Rooney has an amazing talent. Using only a pack of colored pencils, she can recreate a truly lifelike photo of anyone. Seriously, you’ve never seen anything quite like it. They’re so good in fact that I might have a snuck a real photo in here just to see if you can tell the difference. Check it out!

Paul Walker. RIP.

The process looks simple for Jimmy Fallon.

Hey Pharrell Williams!

JT is styling.

Marilyn Monroe, work in progress.

You know that’s Neymar, right?

Go Steelers!

Shakira, my love.

Ya…the most retweeted photo ever looks great!

Wolverine is still awesome.

Cristiano Ronaldo. Enough said.

Hi Ellen!

Oh Harry.

Umm, hi too Ron.


And of course, Ms. Lawrence.

Check out this bonus video of her drawing Lebron James!

Did you find the fake? Yes? Well it was a trick question, just to test your skills. They were ALL created by Heather. Isn’t that amazing?! She’s almost like the world’s best color printer. I guess I don’t need to drop by the drug store to print off pictures anymore đŸ˜‰ Source: Facebook via Elite Daily

What This Guy Can Do In The Streets In Mere Minutes Will Blow You Away.

Most artists want you to see their work, but few want to let you in on the production of their artwork.

Not this street artist. This guy is out on the road creating amazing pieces using only paint and his fingers. If that isn’t impressive enough, he’s making these beautiful portraits in the time it takes you to grab a coffee. There’s no hesitation in this his process. It seems like ideas flow straight from his brain to the canvas. Take a look!

That’s a start.

Still not sure where they’re going with this…

…but it seems like it’s headed in the right direction.

Not bad at all.

 For more of the artist in action, check out the video below:

(via Bored Panda)

Look at him paint! I’d ask him for a couple of pointers, but I’d be afraid he might that I’m trying to take his invaluable tools. Still, it takes incredible skill and talent to be able to create something like that in such a short amount of time.

I Didn’t Expect A Simple Desk Lamp To Blow My Mind. But This Definitely Did.

Imagine you are taking a stroll down a lovely cobbled street. It’s nighttime. You were just meeting friends for dinner and now you’re on your way home, alone, and you see this. A Reddit user discovered this enormous desk lamp in the middle of Birmingham, UK. And yes, it’s supposed to be there, even though it challenges your version of reality.

Even looking at this photo, you can’t quite tell what makes this desk lamp so special. But then…

BOOM. The lamp is actually a street light outside of The Mailbox in Birmingham. Incredible.

The oversized desk lamp looks similar to art installations by Claes Oldenburg. He specialized in placing oversized sculptures of every objects (like a tube of lipstick) in public areas. I personally love the lamp. Why have a boring, old street light when you can have a gigantic desk lamp? Source: Reddit