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A Dog’s Owner Went To Save Her From Freezing Water…Then The Unthinkable Happened

If you own a pet, you know the incredible sacrifices you’re willing to make in order to save them in a dangerous situation. You love your pet so much that you’d do just about anything within your power for them.

Lady the dog found herself in quite a bit of trouble when she was playing outside near some thin ice. Suddenly, the ice broke and she fell through. She was struggling for her life in freezing-cold water when her owner came to the rescue. Then the unthinkable happened…they fell through, too.

Watch their harrowing rescue here.

Thankfully everyone came out alive and well in this situation. I bet that owner is going to keep a more watchful eye on Lady from now on. Hopefully this doesn’t happen again!

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This Rescue Dog Makes It Very, Very Clear That Car Rides Aren’t His Thing

If you’ve ever had a car-hating dog, you’ll identify with this video on a spiritual level.

Harvey’s a great guy, but being in the car just isn’t his jam. When his humans try to lure him in, he does what any sensible dog would do and goes totally limp.

The resulting footage is as hilarious as it is endearing, and if there’s anything that you just loathe doing, you’ll understand Harvey’s struggle.

“Come on, Dad!” He’s just not having it, and that’s totally fine, because his protest is absolutely adorable. Let’s just hope that a few pleasant rides will help him change his tune!

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He Had To Build An Enclosure For His Tortoise, So He Really Pulled Out All The Stops

Have you ever seen a movie and found yourself wishing you lived in that world after the credits rolled?

Unfortunately for us, adulthood isn’t really conducive to turning our homes into movie-themed paradises. Oliver Turpin, for example, loves “Jurassic Park.” Although he couldn’t very well turn his own home into a scene from this action-packed movie, there was nothing stopping him from creating a miniature version of the set for his tortoise Louie.

What pet wouldn’t love feeling like a big, bad monster from another era? If you have a turtle or a tortoise at home, let the critter play pretend in an enclosure like this one!

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If You Have Cats, Then You Need To Add These Hacks To Your Kitty-Care Arsenal

Having cats in the house is great, but things can get kind of hairy…literally. Caring for cats is usually a rewarding experience, but cleaning up after them can get a bit tiresome. And then there’s the fact that they’re endlessly curious. They expect stimulation, and they expect you to bring that to the table.

If you tend to run into issues with your feline friends, check out these useful tips!

The hacks in this video will help you live a happier (and cleaner) life with your cats! Which ones will you use?

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This Cow Was Bored One Day, So He Decided To Make His Own Fun

For one cow named Ghost, staying in shape over the winter is top priority. The only issue is that there isn’t much to do when his fields in the middle of America are covered in snow. But as he was roaming around the pasture one day, he came across a bale of hay, and he immediately knew what he needed to do.

The humans were pretty alarmed when they saw the massive bale start rolling, but they quickly figured out that Ghost had the situation under control. When it comes to getting in shape, creativity is key!

At this rate, Ghost will be slim and trim by the time summer rolls around. The fact that he’s having tons of fun getting there is just an added bonus!

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Lunchtime Is Better When You’re Eating With Friends — Just Ask These Two!

When Oliver the cat sits down to eat his lunch every day, it’s always under the watchful eye of his canine companion, Hershey. Even though cats and dogs make unlikely friends, these two know the value of sharing!

Oliver knows that the humans feed Hershey, too, but he likes to sneak him a few kibbles throughout the day just in case he’s hungry.

Sharing is caring, right? Cartoons and kids’ stories might dictate that Oliver and Hershey can’t be pals, but judging by this video, they’re all about defying stereotypes. Bon appétit, cuties!

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She Spent Her Entire Life In A Birdcage, But She Was Finally Rescued

Arriving on the scene after receiving a tip about a cat living in terrible conditions, the rescuers at Furry Nation Salvation were shocked by what they found. They quickly figured out that this cat had spent most of her life up to that point in a birdcage. Worst of all, she was absolutely covered in fleas.

Taking no time to negotiate with the cat’s owner, they immediately whisked her away to safety. But what happened next was the biggest miracle of all.

This cat had never been given the chance to experience life outside of the cage she was born in one year ago.

The first order of business was a flea bath. She was also treated for various skin and bladder infections.

But what couldn’t be fixed right away was the psychological damage. At first, she wouldn’t move an inch when she was free to wander. But with the help of a two-year-old girl, she soon became a fun-loving kitty!

And it wasn’t long before she found a forever home. She went to a lovely couple, and they’re finally helping her live the life she deserves.

And she got a new name, too. Meet Peppermint, everyone!

Check out a video of this cutie in action:

(via iHeartCats / The Dodo)

In order to save more cats like this, consider donating today! We wish little Peppermint nothing but the best.

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The Science Behind Why Cats Meow Is Oddly Touching (And Very Surprising)

Everyone knows that dogs bark and cats meow, but we really didn’t know why. That’s what inspired this group of scientists to dig around and figure out what causes the cat’s meow.

The answer that they found is pretty flattering, and so surprising. When you learn the truth, you’ll never look at your feline friends the same way again.

That certainly explains a lot. Here’s what veterinarian Dr. John Bradshaw of Bristol University had to say:

The meow starts off as a kitten vocalization. It’s something they use in order to call their mothers over…the mother is very attentive to those meows. And then as the kitten grows up, it gradually stops meowing, presumably because it just stops working. The mother wants to wean the kittens and stops responding. A pet cat is constantly meowing at its owner. It’s a way of getting the owner’s attention.

Pretty cute, am I right? They’re just trying to talk to us!

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This Baby Penguin’s Reaction To Seeing A Human For The First Time Is Too Sweet

Joel Oleson, a travel writer, found himself in a funny position one day. While he was exploring, a baby penguin who’d never seen a human before waddled up to him. Not wanting to scare the creature, Oleson lay perfectly still.

All he could do was let the penguin assess the situation, even if that meant letting the little one get its beak way too close to his eye.

Well, I now have a new goal to add to my bucket list. I mean, who wouldn’t want to play with a baby penguin?

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When A Litter Of Kittens Needed Foster Parents, An Unlikely Duo Stepped In

Some people believe that babies have to be cared for by their own species, but after watching this video, we know that this idea isn’t always accurate. After these kittens lost their mother, a dalmatian duo took over the parental roles.

These unlikely parents are exactly what these kitties needed. Luckily for us, their human parents capture all of their adorable adventures on video! Check them out.

It’s clear that these gentle giants love their adopted babies. To see more videos of this strange little family, be sure to check out their YouTube channel!