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You Don’t Need Eggs, Milk, Or Bowls To Make This Chocolate Cake — Seriously

When I think of making a chocolatey dessert, I imagine a huge production with tons of characters — namely ingredients and lots of kitchen appliances.

But time and time again, I’ve been wrong.

You can make desserts in mugs and microwaves. Now you can even make cakes without eggs or milk! And you only need one container — your baking dish!

It’s no wonder it’s called a chocolate crazy cake — this is insane.

I’m going to come out and say what we’re all thinking…I’m making one and not sharing with anybody!

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Daisy The Dog Can Neither Confirm Nor Deny That She Did Anything Wrong (LOL)

When I’ve done something wrong, my poker face is pretty terrible.

That’s why I generally just stick to telling the truth. Did I eat all your ice cream? You betchya.

If only I could learn from the masters, though, I think I’d become a pro at fudging the facts a little. Who are the top dogs when it comes to denying guilt? Our pups, of course!

Perhaps it’s their sweet eyes, their coy body language, or just the fact that they can’t talk so they don’t have to make up excuses…

Either way, Daisy has much to teach when it comes to looking the other way when faced with obvious destruction.

Man…she’s good!

I mean, she obviously did it, but I can’t even be mad at her. Maybe that’s the key — being so adorable that no one can fault you!

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This Baby Elephant Absolutely Refuses To Cross A Big, Scary Stream

At birth, elephant calves can weigh more than 200 pounds.

Because of that, you’d think that such a big baby would be raring to go — eager to take on the world with all its obstacles, weird sounds, and unexpected friends…but when it comes to this little guy, it’s quite the opposite.

When this group of tourists came across an elephant herd, the tiny tyke in the bunch was pretty apprehensive when they reached a small stream. Next to the big baby, the body of water looks more like a puddle, but that doesn’t stop the cutie from being entirely terrified of traversing it.

This little guy definitely reminds me of someone…

Eventually the cutie made it across and ran off into the sunset!

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This Beautiful Christmas Tree Isn’t A Tree At All…When You Zoom In, OMG

In 2014, the Summer Youth Olympics took place in Nanjing, China. While typically summertime musters thoughts of swimming, sunbathing, and ice cream, this incredible performance at the games brought about memories of Christmas. The towering tree display lit up the stadium filled with thousands of viewers…but when you see what the glittering gem is really made of (hint: it’s not evergreen or string lights), you’ll be speechless.

Not only is that incredibly impressive, it’s also amazing how talented the acrobats are. The beautiful shapes they are able to create in the sky are really quite striking. Have you ever seen anything like this before?!

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Hate Washing Dishes? These 17 Tips Will Make Your Life So Much Easier Then.

If there’s one thing I hate more than washing dishes…wait, nope. Can’t think of one!

Yep, dishwashing is basically the worst thing ever. When I lived in a tiny apartment in New York City, I was forced to wash my plates and silverware pretty much as soon as I finished using them in an effort to not wind up buried by them. (My kitchen was actually that small.) But that doesn’t mean I didn’t wish I could put it off until the end of time.

If you’re looking for an easier way to go about doing your dirty dishes, here are a few helpful tricks:

1. Instead of soaking your dishes in the sink, suds them up in a plastic bin outside the sink so that area is free for other dish-washing duties.

2. Speaking of soaking your dirty dishes — only do that if you’re hand-washing them. Just quickly rinse if you’re using a dishwasher.

It’s been proven that your detergent needs something to grab on to to really work the way it’s supposed to.

3. Wear rubber gloves.

They’ll protect your fingers from getting pruney or burnt from super-hot water.

4. Did you just grind up some seriously bad smelling scraps? These garbage disposal ice cubes will clean and get rid of the stench.

5. It sounds like the worst thing in the world but cleaning while you cook will save you time and annoyance in the long run.

Not only will you free up crucial counter space, you’ll also get to relax at the end of the meal.

6. If you run out of drying rack space, grab your oven racks and set them over your sink. Voila…more space!

7. You can also make a hidden drying rack in your cabinets.

8. Better yet, when you’re finished, just dry everything off. This looks almost as messy as the dirty dishes!

9. Save yourself some serious scrubbing time and get rid of burn marks on pots by filling them with cold water and two or three tablespoons of salt.

Let them sit overnight, bring the water to a boil the next day, drain, and wash like usual. You can also use vinegar and baking soda, if you don’t want to wait around.

10. Stop taking your blender apart to clean it. Do this instead.

11. Use cold water and soap to clean dairy and starchy messes.

Hot water just turns it into an even gunkier cleanup job.

12. There’s a right and a wrong way to load you dishwasher.

Plates and other dishes should be stacked facing the center of the washer, cups should rest between the tines (not on), and make sure silverware doesn’t nest by alternating placing them in handles up and down.

13. You can wash fine silverware in the dishwasher

The catch? If you’re washing other utensils, they need to be kept separate and not touching. Otherwise, the metals will react causing irreparable damage.

14. Wash fine crystal glasses with warm water…not too hot!

Super-hot water can damage and weaken the crystal.

15. Store your sponge in the dishwasher.

Not only will this keep your counter clean, you’ll get in the habit of running your sponge with the dishes, keeping it clean, too!

16. Clean you dishwasher by running it empty with vinegar and baking soda once in a while.

17. Lemonade Kool-Aid also does the trick!

There you have it…you’re basically going to be as boss as this guy is from now on.

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They Were Driving Along A Road In The Woods When This Amazing Thing Happened!

When I tell people I’m from Maine, they ask, “Did you ride moose to school?”

While they’re (hopefully) joking, I always play along and laugh about our lack of running water, too.

The truth, though, is that I can’t remember a time I’ve actually seen a moose. I probably saw one from far off as a girl when my family and I spent summers camping and winters on the slopes…but I have no actual recollection.

But when it comes to this little girl’s encounter with a moose, I can’t imagine she’ll soon forget the meeting — this is simply too amazing to not remember!

How awesome is that? I would switch spots with her in a heartbeat!

If you want the chance to experience moose (and more!) up close, visit Parc Omega on your next trip to Ottawa or Montreal.

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Baby Elephant Loves His Tiny Bathtub…Who Cares If It’s WAY Too Small?!

Pretty much every baby looks adorable taking a bath. Cute rubber duckies are involved and if there are bubbles, forget about getting out of there without at least a few photos for Facebook…

But if you ask me, there is one kind of baby that tops the cuteness charts when they come into contact with water…


I mean, this one can’t contain his excitement. This little — er, big guy doesn’t know exactly what’s going on, but he loves it. And then there’s this cutie…

The baby doesn’t even care that he can’t fit in the tiny tub. It’s the thought that counts!

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All You Need Are 3 Ingredients To Get Rid Of Your Fruit Fly Problem

Now that the summer is almost here, there’s one thing that’s sure to start annoying you again…flies.

While they don’t all bite, they are all annoying.

And that includes fruit flies! They might be a problem for you year-round, but they become especially prevalent in the summertime when you’re more likely to store tasty, fresh fruits and veggies in the open air.

While the first step to getting rid of fruit flies is to NOT DO THAT, the second weapon in your bug-be-gone arsenal is this super-easy trap.

And if mosquitoes are more of an issue for you, this DIY trap should do the trick:

Now you can really enjoy the summer and all it has to offer.

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He Glued A Bunch Of CD Cases Together To Make An Adorable Photo Cube

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, CDs are an outdated medium. Unlike records, which are oddly making a comeback, the small plastic discs have gone the way of the floppy disk. While there are plenty of things you can do with prismatic pieces, there aren’t too many options for the flimsy cases they were once housed in.

Until now.

I’m always looking for cute, inexpensive ways to display photos and this definitely fits the bill! Will you try this cool craft?

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16 Totally Unexpected Ways To Use Binder Clips In Your Daily Life

Did you know that binder clips weren’t actually invented for binders at all?

Yeah, they’re called binder clips because they were originally for binding sheets of paper together. Sure, they’re still good for their traditional use, but it’s pretty outdated considering we have binders, books, paper clips, staplers…you name it!

So what are binder clips good for these days? As it turns out…a ton of things!

That last one seems a little dangerous, but it’d be a pretty awesome competition to have in the office on a Friday — binder clip wars!

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