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The People Who Track Santa On Christmas Also Track UFOs Around The Space Station

Many people may be familiar with the North American Aerospace Defensive Command (or NORAD) as the group who tracks Santa for us every Christmas Eve, but it seems when the holidays are over they are in the UFO-tracking business.

YouTuber Streetcap1 posted a video from the International Space Station showing a weird streak flying into view on one of its cameras. He labeled it as a “fastwalker,” which is NORAD’s term for fast-moving, unidentified objects that cross the Earth’s orbit. Check it out below…just don’t blink!

Here’s a close-up of the fastwalker captured by the ISS camera.

(via Mysterious Universe)

Apparently these kinds of unknown objects jetting by the ISS are pretty common, as NORAD says it tracks about 500 of them annually. Something tells me it’s not Saint Nick who is behind all of this.

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They Might Have Found A Secret Entrance To Area 51, But They Were Stopped Moments Later

Area 51 in Nevada has long been speculated to be a hotbed of extraterrestrial activity — and it’s not just conspiracy theorists who think so!

Aside from the president and need-to-know military personnel, no one has any idea what goes on at the remote base. Some say it’s used to develop and test secret government projects, but a more popular theory is that it houses a UFO that crashed in Roswell, New Mexico.

Two self-proclaimed “adventure travelers” attempted to gain access to Area 51 through a back entrance. Within moments, they were not only stopped, but held at gunpoint by men in camouflage.

In 1947, Roswell made national headlines when an unidentified flying object crash-landed on a ranch.

The military claimed that it was nothing but a downed weather balloon, but not everyone believes that explanation. Whether or not a UFO is stored at Area 51 remains unknown, but one thing is for sure — the government doesn’t want anyone poking around there.

To watch the whole video, check this out…

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What do you think? Is the U.S. government hiding something at Area 51? Let us know in the comments!

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When This Couple Reviewed Their Dash Cam Footage, They Noticed Something Weird

Dash cams always seem like a waste of money…until I see something that blows my mind and makes me eat my own words.

While leaving a gas station in the Northern Territories of Australia, Paul and Sylvia Mayo’s dash cam spotted a fast-moving UFO that left the two of them baffled — which is interesting, since both of them are professional astrophotographers with over 30 years of experience taking weird pictures of space.

Don’t blink! You might miss it!

Here it is in slow motion.

Some have theorized that the object is just an insect flying close to the windshield, but these two denounce the theory. The object is moving far more quickly than any insect from this planet could.

Could this just be a trick of the light, or did Paul and Sylvia come to face to face with an extraterrestrial fan of their galactic photography?

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These Recordings Of The Betty And Barney Hill Hypnosis Sessions Are So Weird

If you’re a believer in the paranormal or you have a thing for alien conspiracies, then you probably know the story of Betty and Barney Hill. The Hills were the first alleged victims of alien abduction back in 1961.

Their story was the first of its kind, and it heavily influenced alien lore in the United States and around the world as we know it today.

Our story begins with Betty and Barney driving home to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, after spending a weekend in Niagra Falls. While on a lonely stretch of road, the couple spotted a strange craft flying across the moon.

As the Hills continued to drive, the craft kept moving across the sky as if it were following them. But then it stopped on the road in front of their car. That’s when Barney got out of the vehicle. He later said that he could see between eight and 11 humanoid figures peering at him through the windows.

While he watched the craft, Barney said that he could hear the voice of the ship’s captain in his head telling him to stay where he was.


Barney tore the binoculars away from his eyes and ran back to the car screaming. He floored it as the craft ascended. A minute later, their car began to vibrate. Their minds fell into a bizarre trance, and before they knew it, they were 35 miles away from where they first spotted the UFO.

When they woke up the next morning, the Hills remembered encountering the craft, but nothing else.


About 10 days after their harrowing experience, Betty began having vivid nightmares that brought everything back to life. Betty, who had always kept a dream journal next to her bed, wrote all of them down. She remembered meeting an alien medical examiner who assured her that they just wanted to run some tests on her and Barney to learn more about the differences between their species and humans.

In 1964, these dreams and memories began to take their toll on the Hills, and they were referred to Dr. Benjamin Simon. The Hills wanted Dr. Simon to hypnotize them and help them remember what really happened that night. Here’s what they said.

While there are those who question the authenticity of this story, there is one aspect of their tale that has turned hundreds of people into believers.


While aboard the craft, one of the aliens showed Betty a star map with the location of their home planet. During a hypnosis session, Betty drew the exact star map she saw in incredible detail. At the time, it looked like an undiscovered star system that telescopes could not yet see. A decade after she drew the map, technology advanced to the point where this particular star system could be seen from Earth. Surprisingly, it was exactly the same as the one Betty remembered.

(via: Last Podcast on the Left)

Whether you believe it or not, the story of Barney and Betty Hill’s abduction is thrilling. For the sake of my sanity, I hope it’s fake. If it’s not, I’m going to need to protect my thoughts. Time to buy some foil!

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