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This Powerful Thai Commercial Has Won The Internet. It Will Actually Inspire You To Be A Better Person.

While a life insurance commercial from Thailand is an unlikely source of inspiration, it certainly is a welcome one. The ad follows a Thai man who goes out of his way to help other members of the community on a day-to-day basis. It’s really quite touching to see how his actions, however small, make such a big impact on the lives of his neighbors. In the end, he receives quite the reward, something you cannot buy in stores or even put a price on.

You don’t have to be in Thailand or even the market for life insurance to take that message to heart. Share this post using the button below.

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Incredible Kids Help Adults Rediscover What It Feels Like To Dream

Have you forgotten what it’s like to be a dreamer?

That’s the important question representatives from Japanese skincare brand SK-II asked a group of women in this poignant advertising campaign. The aim of the ad is to encourage consumers to dream again, to reconnect with their forgotten ambitions, and to look past societal expectations.

The video starts with several women sitting down in what they assume is a one-on-one counseling session. Little do they know, however, that the thought-provoking questions they’re being asked are coming directly from children.

With their innocent and untroubled outlook on life, these kids inspire us to reconnect with our passions. Just remember that no dream is too big. You can make anything happen!

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This Powerful Ad Will Make You Think Seriously About Becoming An Organ Donor.

The animated short film Long Live New York aims to ignite a movement in New York. It hopes to inspire New Yorkers to step up and help their fellow man by signing up as organ donors.

The 90 second animated short film created by Oscar-winning director Laurent Witz (Mr. Hublot, 2014). It is the centerpiece of a campaign designed to increase organ donor registration in the greater NY metropolitan area. The short depicts a melancholy, post-apocalyptic New York City crumbling to pieces. New Yorkers begin carrying pieces of the broken city (street signs, manhole covers, Grand Central clock) to form a beating heart, thus restoring life into the city.

(Source: SaveLivesNY)

New York as a state ranks 3rd in the country in people waiting for organ donations. It also ranks 49th in registered organ donors. Hopefully this ad will push people to register themselves as donors. For more information on becoming an organ donor in New York, visit the official website of the New York Organ Donor Network.