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Girl Pinned Under A Car Gets Saved By A Firefighter And Off-Duty Cops

It was truly a case of being at the right place at the right time for firefighter Matthew MacEwen and two off-duty police officers, when the trio of heroes ended up saving a girl’s life after she got pinned under a car.

The three men witnessed a 14-year-old girl getting run over by an out-of-control car, completely trapping her under the vehicle. The heroes immediately jumped into action, and as you’ll see in the incredibly dramatic video, it was group effort that ended up saving the teen’s life.

That poor girl is both incredibly unlucky to have been involved in a freak accident like that and incredibly lucky that these brave men were right there to help.

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A Man Appeared Out Of Nowhere At A Near-Fatal Accident…Was It A Miracle?

Whether or not you believe in miracles, you cannot deny the fact that those who believe in them feel that certain miracles have changed the course of human history. Of course, the belief in some of history’s most famous miracles implies a certain amount of religious faith.

But do they still happen in modern times, now that technology often explains away seemingly miraculous events? If you believe this story, then it seems pretty likely that they do.

Tragedy struck when 19-year-old Katie Lentz was in a terrible car accident. Her car was completely smashed by a drunk driver.

While firefighters were trying to cut her out of the vehicle, their tools started to fail.

They were doing everything they could to get her out without inflicting more damage when Lentz asked them to pray with her.

Shortly after that, a man wearing priest’s clothing appeared out of nowhere…kind of like a guardian angel.

He blessed Katie and prayed with her.

Was it a miraculous event?

While the priest was, in fact, identified as Reverend Patrick Dowling, who was on his way back from an 8:30 Mass…

…who’s to say that his presence at the scene — at that very moment — wasn’t still an act of divine intervention?

Katie is still recovering from her serious injuries, but is expected to get better in time. The Reverend was able to visit her in the hospital shortly after the accident, which brought tears to the young girl’s eyes. Who knows what would have happened if she hadn’t asked to say a prayer out loud with those heroic firefighters? All we know for sure is that the Reverend appeared only after they prayed.

Do you believe in miracles now?

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Driver Cruises Down Highway Missing A Front Wheel, Because Who Even Needs That?

If I get a small ding or a scratch on my car, I don’t generally bring it in to get serviced. But anything bigger, I stop everything and get it fixed. This driver is the exact opposite.

While driving along the highway, YouTuber Junno caught an unbelievable sight on film. He witnessed a driver traveling at high speeds — while missing the front left tire on their vehicle.

This is something you truly have to see to believe…

And while not much else is known about the motorist, at least they had their hazards on warning others to steer clear?

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I’m not sure about you guys, but I’d be way too scared to drive my car while missing a wheel. I mean it’s kind of an important part of the vehicle.

Share this article if you think this is just as ridiculous as we do!

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This Is Why Trucks Carrying Human Waste Should ALWAYS Have Tops

Imagine that you are casually driving down the road. Suddenly, a semi truck nearly slams into you, and spills 27 tons of human waste in the process.

That’s exactly what happened on November 23 in Brisbane, Australia. As the security footage below shows, the semi was not at fault, but that didn’t make the situation any less awful. You’d think that a truck hauling around raw sewage would have a top on it, but that unfortunately was not the case.

The near wreck would have been a minor incident had the spilled sewage not been involved. I can’t help but wonder — how in the hell did they clean it all up?

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I feel so bad for whoever was tasked with sanitizing that area. If you have any friends who are bad drivers, be sure to share this with them. Maybe the fear of a raw sewage spill will help them stay alert on the road!

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