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Rev Runs Around the World in Tokyo

Diggy joins the family in Tokyo, Japan, to celebrate his 20th birthday and Rev goes to the Tatami mat to make it special. From fashion to fish and pop-stars to throwing stars, this hip-hop town is about to get Diggy with it. "Rev Runs Around the World" Tokyo: Get Diggy With It airs Wed., Dec. 9 at 10pm | 9c only on Travel Channel.

“Andrew Zimmern Sees Home Cooking in Croatia at its Finest on BIZARRE FOODS”

“Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast: Roasted Rodents & Stone Soup” – Premieres Tuesday, October 6 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT
Andrew Zimmern travels to Croatia, an Eastern European country straight out of a storybook, where people are living and eating like their ancestors of a thousand years ago. With local chef Tatiana Ciciliani leading the way, Zimmern goes in search of ingredients for sea rock soup and samples stew made of monkfish intestines. An up-and-coming tourist hotspot, Croatia still features ancient tastes from roasted dormice and giant offal kebabs to baked rooster and grilled frog.

Thrill Factor Fall Frenzy

In this hour-long special, hosts Kari Byron and Tory Belleci are breaking down the science behind some haunted thrills – just in time for Halloween! Thrill Factor Fall Frenzy airs on Sunday, October 25 at 7:00pm ET/PT on Travel Channel.

Rev Runs Around the World in Chiang Mai

Justine's heard Thailand is hot with celebs like Jay and Bey who want second homes. Rev must convince her that buying here means not wearing make-up, elephants as transport and Russy turning into a pro-kick boxer. "Rev Runs Around the World" Chiang Mai: Elephant for X-Mas airs Wed., Dec. 2 at 10:30pm | 9:30c only on Travel Channel.

Jack Maxwell is treated to homemade pineapple ‘swipe,’ an 80-proof moonshine, on BOOZE TRAVELER

Jack Maxwell starts his boozy exploration of Hawaii in Oahu, with a surprisingly non-Hawaiian drink, a mesquite-smoked Manhattan, made local by using island leaf bitters and orange curacao. He makes his way to the North Shore where surf legend and old friend Tom Pohaku Stone, treats Maxwell to some homemade pineapple “swipe,” an 80-proof moonshine. Maxwell moves on to Maui, hitching a ride with Maui Brewing Company owner Garrett Marrero, for a beach barbecue in Paia – the heart of Maui’s north shore – and a taste of Marrero’s original craft beer. Next, Maxwell heads to the Makua Valley to meet distiller Dave Flintstone, maker of Hawaii’s first alcohol – okolehao. Maxwell and Flintstone go for a hike through the jungle to dig up wild ti root, the main ingredient in the moonshine. Afterwards, Maxwell makes his way to Honolulu's Waikiki Beach, where he joins a reunion of the 100th Infantry Battalion 442 Regimental Combat Team, toasting the vets with shochu – a clear, distilled spirit. Before saying goodbye, Maxwell heads back to Oahu for a beach barbecue and bonfire, learning more about the island’s appeal including the true meaning of ohana – family. New episode premieres Tuesday, November 24 at 9:00pm ET/PT.

Vallarta Nayarit | Sunwing.ca

Discover the beauty of Vallarta Nayarit where you can truly unwind together. Enjoy the beaches with relaxing spa treatments, explore along the coast while kayaking, or check out a cenote where you can create the perfect travel photo.

Maagical St Maarten | Sunwing.ca

If you're a couple looking to explore together or a family with kids ready to play on the beach, St. Maarten is ready to make your vacation simply maagical.