Community Post: 33 Signs You Go To Cornell

33. You have shed tears, and lost friends over the Terrace vs. Trillium salad debate

32. You only enter Uris to take the obligatory “I go to school at Hogwarts” picture

31. You know that going to Mann is more of a social mixer than a study session

30. You have strong feelings either for or against the Greek system

29. You view CTP as both a blessing and a curse

28. You secretly wish everyone lived on west camps, because its so pretty

27. Your newsfeed was attacked with cherry blossoms pictures the second they bloomed

26. You scoff when your friends say they wear sweatpants out at their college

If Mila Kunis can’t pull it off, what hope do we have?

25. You think fondly of your high caloric, carefree sunday RPCC brunches

Pancake or omelette, how about both?

24. You would sell your right arm for an elliptical at Helen Newmann after 4pm

23. You scheduling a Friday morning class is as likely as Denise Cassaro never emailing you again

22. You know “fishbowl” means much more than a place to store fish

21. You complain about Pixel but still end up there every night

20. Your trip to Wegmans is a meticulously planned, traumatizing, 7 hour ordeal

19. You were severely offended when Betches Love This inaccurately reviewed Cornell

18. You spent hours looking at Cornell Compliments for familiar names

17. You love when parents visit, ie time to inhale steak at John Thomas

16. You are used to seeing girls walk across campus in high heels and dresses at 4pm, hey that’s formal season!

15. You are convinced the TCAT has a vendetta against you

14. You shiver at the memory of the frozen, nervous, sweat pants changing haze that was: rush week

Or laugh, if you’re lucky enough to be a guy

13. Your can barely feign a smile when someone says the original “try not to jump off any bridges” joke

12. Your wardrobe goes from J crew catalog to Nike store in finals season

11. You are only convinced that archies actually exist on Dragon Day

10. You probably will only be sure of an engineers existence at graduation

9. You momentarily fall in love with every performer at an acapella concert

8. You get deeply offended when none of your hotelie friends invite you to prom

7. You took either Magical Mushrooms, Green World Blue Planet, or Physics of the Heavens and Earth

6. Your favorite alumni is Bill Nye

5. You cannot believe you will be graded on your knowledge of wine

4. You get super defensive anytime anyone says anything bad about your school

3. You were more excited for Slope Day than you will be for your first child’s birth

2. You always tear up when watching “This Is”

1. You wouldn’t trade the long hours in the library, brilliant peers, amazing friends and unimaginable opportunities for anything

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This Is

This is a tribute
This is the end
This is only the beginning
This is Cornell

Two seniors' last goodbye to their university.

Produced & Directed By Alex Silver
Written & Narrated by Jon Tai
Music: Runaway (Instrumental) By Kanye West

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