Portland Mayoral Race Now Borrowing From “Portlandia”

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Put a job on it.

This television ad for Eileen Brady for Mayor was produced as a donation by members of Portland's thriving film and television industry.

Michele Carnes Ellis -- Producer
Mmmmm Society -- Production Company
The Pander Bros. - Writers
Jeffrey Bost -- Animation Director
Michael Washington - Director
John J. Campbell - Director of Photography
Todd Ellis - Art Director
Adam Grabel - Editor
Russ Gorsline - Sound Design
Tara Krick - Sound Supervisor
Brian Mazzola - Sound Mixer
Galvin Collins - Camera Operator
Katherine Ross - Make-up/Hair Stylist
Lis Bothwell - Wardrobe Stylist
Katie Shields -- Production Manager
Sara Burton - Location Manager
Tobey Mullen - Assistant Director
Lennie Hoffman - Gaffer
Patrick Blevin - Grip
Chris Borges-Silva - Color Correction
Nicole Hurley - Assistant Make-up/Hair
Zuriel Devine - Production Assistant
Michael Kerr - Production Assistant
Homaira Wolper -- Campaign Production Coordinator

Dan Ackerman / Stage 13
BLT Productions, LLC
Rex Post
Michael Koerner / Koerner Camera
Mark Scarpaci
Shaun Gavin
Bobby Warberg

Kevin Carroll
Lara Kobrin
Judge Kemp
Amber Starks
Bob Speltz
Dwight Adkins
Angela Rico
RB Green
Joshua Lucas
Casey Wiser
Kelly Nissi
Sarah Newhall
David Pyle
Conlan Ellis
Camille Leone Ellis
Cashel Ellis
Joey Torgrimson
Emma Jo Torgrimson
Oliver Torgrimson

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